The firm of Forrest K. Haag, A.S.L.A., Inc. is committed to the diligent application of talent and resources within the firm to utilize the design process and the graphic tools of landscape architecture to enhance the understanding of our Client’s project vision. The underlying goal of this interactive and intuitive process is to see the built environment reflect our creative vision though good design.

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The office of Forrest K. Haag, ASLA, Inc. is dedicated provide design service responding to the vision of our Client’s development goals thru landscape architecture.

As a primary force behind the formation of Forrest K. Haag, ASLA, Inc., focus is on the creation of premiere Resorts, Golf Club Facilities, Resort Spa Facilities and upscale residential projects through application of sound design principals.  Specific emphasis centers on bringing each Client's development-vision to the project outcome.  Members of the design firm’s staff have extensive knowledge of historically relevant architecture and landscape architecture, a strong understanding of the current marketplace and economic setting, and hands-on experience that complements the unique needs of each Client and their specific project needs.

Our Scottsdale firm offers constant inspiration, convenience, and accessibility to our staff for the Client.  This attention to each individual project and a project’s associated consultant staff results in expeditious responsiveness and timely delivery of the Client's service product.

The office of Forrest K. Haag, ASLA, Inc. is dedicated to producing creative landscapes, renowned world class resort amenities and golf resort environments and amenities and residential communities with an imphasis on increased marketability, client revenue, and guest enjoyment of the spaces created.

The office of Forrest K. Haag, ASLA, Inc. prides itself on the successful application of professional knowledge and in-field experience and attributes the firm’s success to a dedication to our true passion for design excellence.